Writing Scrum user stories

At the ScrumMaster course I attended we spent some time on how to write user stories and what can go wrong when your are writing them. An important rule is that the user story should always end with a ‘so that…’ . By adding a ‘ so that ‘ you are forced to write a clear story.

However, there is the risk of ending up in a ‘ cause and effect ‘ trap. This article gives some nice pointers on how to avoid that.

Getting real

Currently I am involved in a project that is being managed using SCRUM. I have been involved in agile projects before, but never in a such a ‘pure’ SCRUM project. The results are amazing, we have been building for less than 2 months and a really cool application has been created out of nowhere! It’s just a few weeks before we go live. A mind blowing experience.

The CEO’s of the involved company (Dialogues House Technology) have pointed me to the book ‘Getting real’. This book is a great read and very convincing to ‘get real’ (and agile).

The book can be found here: http://gettingreal.37signals.com/toc.php